Instructions for creating a Profile on Getdone for Talents

Getdone has created several filtering rules for Talent’s Profile with the goal of building a trustworthy, secure, effective working and payment platform. Profiles of Clients and Talents must ensure the requirements of Getdone so that the working process and transactions between two parties will take place effectively and safely.

Talents will stand out from the crowd when creating a well-rounded resume and an engaging presentation.

A good profile at Getdone needs to be full of information about skills, work experience, and high authenticity. Each application will be reviewed within 72 hours. If the application is not valid, we will send you a notice.

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Here are instructions on how to create a complete and professional profile at Getdone:

1. Overview

This section is a summary of personal information about your experience, skills, and career goals.

High Quality and Professional Profile Photo

You need to use portrait images with high resolution, not too much editing, clean, and well-dressed. These are all plus points, making your resume look more professional and attention-grabbing. 

Specific Title

When looking at a candidate’s resume, clients will be interested in the candidate’s title first. This is an important part for clients to know what industry you are currently working in.

Write your Personal Summary

The personal summary is a section where you provide a brief overview of your qualifications, experience, and accomplishments. In the first few sentences of your summary, you should show your specialized skills and strengths in your working field.

Tips for writing a good summary:

  • Reveal your core strengths and skills related to your dedicated job.
  • Summary of previous work experience including key skills for each job.
  • Show your achievements and future career goals.

2. Portfolio

The portfolio is a collection of projects that you have worked on, representing your skills, abilities, style, and experience. Through information about the projects you have done in the past, clients can easily assess your working capacity accurately.

3 Elements to include in the project information section:

  1. Be sure to show the project name and your role in it correctly.
  2. Describe your task to complete the requirements.
  3. Project’s result.

You should show a summary of the outstanding achievements you had with the stated value in a concise manner. Focus on showing achievements with data. Numerals always give a quick and more intuitive view than traditional descriptions.

3. Skills

Clients often focus on the skills of candidates. Through the skills you list, they consider your qualifications and your ability to meet the job. Remember to put the primary skills first.

4. Work Experience

This is considered a significant part of a resume. Through this, the client will know where your actual ability is, is it suitable for the position you are applying for?

In this section, you need to state which company you have worked at, which position you held, and what are your professional responsibilities?

5. Review and Feedback 

Summary of ratings and feedback of work history at Getdone will be displayed here.

The honest reviews from previous customers will be one of the bases for current clients to choose you. If the Review and Feedback section shows many strengths and good results with many satisfactory comments, that will give you a significant advantage when looking for a new job.

Do a good job and leave a pleasing impression on your clients so that your work list has good reviews.

6. Recommendation 

The recommendation will help you increase your credibility and credibility in clients’ view. You can ask your former boss, former colleagues, former customers, or people who were once related to your work to write a letter of competency assessment for you.

Select the relationship and project between you and the reviewer, then send them a review invitation.

7. Education

Please list the exact name of the school you attended and the length of time you studied there. Information about your educational background is essential, even if your school is not related to your current job. Note that you shouldn’t list the learning process of elementary, middle, and high school.

If you don’t attend any formal school, that’s okay. You can add the names of online courses or any courses you’ve achieved.

Entirely and specifically updating personal information, skills, and work experience are elementary steps but can help you approach and impress clients effectively.

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Good luck!