Having an invitation to a job on Getdone

Congratulations, you have received a job offer from a Client through Getdone!

This is one of the functions of Getdone, allowing the Client to create a job contract and invite specific candidates who are suitable.

What is the next step after you receive this email? Let’s find out with Getdone right now! 

1. View the job on Getdone.

After receiving the invitation, click on the link of the Job Name, you will be redirected to the job information page at Getdone.

There are 2 cases:

  • You have created a Profile on Getdone
  • You have not created a Profile on Getdone

We will show you each role in turn.

2. If you have created a Profile on Getdone…

  •  The client posts a job and invites you to work.

You will be redirected to the Job’s Page. In addition to email, you will also receive invitations through the NOTIFICATIONS section.

After viewing the Job Description, you have the right to decide whether to accept this job or not.

If refused, click “Decline” and tell the Client the reason for the refusal.

If you agree, click “Send Proposal” and wait for the Client to accept.

The proposals you send are shown in the “My Proposals” section.

  • The client created a Job Contract and deposited the Budget then invite you to work

Once the two parties have created the contract, the working process will follow, as usual, we have specific instructions at this link: Working Process for Talents on Getdone 

3. If you have never created a Profile on Getdone…

In this case, you are completely new to Getdone. After clicking on the link to the Job page in the email, you will be redirected to the job information page.

Getdone will automatically create an account based on the email and name that the Client provided when inviting you.

After reading the Job Description and the Client’s offers, consider whether to accept this job or not and select “Accept Offer” or “Decline offer

After “Accept Offer”, the contract of both parties will be formed. This is the interface of the job contract including Payments, Messages & Files, and Terms & Settings. 

Receiving a job offer, we know you are a skillful Talent with impressive work results. Continue to do excellent work, and build good relationships with your Clients to receive more ideal opportunities.

See more instructions when working on Getdone: