Getdone Payment Protection

  • Written by Getdone
  • Updated on Mar 13, 2019
  • To ensure that clients get the work they’ve asked for and freelancers get paid for work completed, clients need to deposit a milestone payment into escrow for fixed-price projects before work begins. Upon receiving and approving the work, payment is released to the freelancer.


    For Freelancers

    To submit proposals for projects, the Freelancers need to have Proposal Credits.

    Should there not be enough Proposal Credits, a freelancer will not be able to submit proposals for projects any longer.

    Freelancers have an allotment of fifteen (15) Proposal credits for free after completing the profile.


    Getdone will charge Freelancer a Service Fee based on the Membership plan choose

    FREE: 15 proposal credits per month; 9.5% project fee.

    - BASIC: 50 proposal credits per month; 7.5% project fee; $9.9 per month.

    - PRO: 50 proposal credits per month; 5.5% project fee; $14.9 per month.

    - BUSINESS: 50 proposal credits per month; 2.5% project fee; $23.9 per month.


    For Clients

    Getdone charge Clients a payment processing and administration fee of 1.5% of each payment made by the Client through Getdone

    See the Getdone Terms of Service and Fixed-Price Escrow Instructions for full terms and conditions.