Use Messages

  • Written by Getdone
  • Updated on Jan 24, 2019
  • The message is the best method of communication which helps to exchange the work. You can chat with your clients, full-time employees or freelancers in real time or have the conversation waiting for them when they come online.

    You can view your conversations in two formats:

    1. Find projects > Proposals 

    2. Scroll down to the message section and start exchanging in the chat box.

    All your messages will be saved in the "chat box" that you have a conversation with. A "room" contains all the conversations you've had with a particular person (or group of people).

    You can reply to Getdone Messages from these email notifications. If you don't wish to receive email notifications, click on the Settings gear icon (top right corner) and click on Notifications.

    You can attach files from within your Getdone Messages. Just click the paperclip icon in the message box to add.