Troubleshoot Money Transfers

  • Written by Getdone
  • Updated on Jan 24, 2019
  • Troubleshooting

    Why can't I access my earnings?

    Pending payment or no available balance.

    Your earnings will show as Pending on your Reports > Payment Details while the client's incoming payment is processed and during the security period.

    You will also see a future date posted in the Date column. That is the date that you can access your earnings. You'll need to wait for your funds to become available to make a withdrawal.


    Suspended financial account

    If your account is temporarily limited, your ability to withdraw may be turned off until the issue is resolved.


    Why did my payment transfer fail?

    If you haven't already, please check that your PayPal account is fully activated and complete the necessary verification process. You are responsible for making sure that PayPal provides the services you need before you transfer money. In most cases, your payment transfers immediately. However, there are occasions when it may take up to 24 hours. If it has been more than 24 hours, please contact PayPal. Once you initiate a withdrawal, Getdone sends the money to PayPal and we are unable to retrieve it.

    If you returned a PayPal transaction back to Getdone and it's not showing in your Getdone account, that's because returned funds from PayPal don't automatically get routed to you. To remedy this problem:

    1. Contact our Customer Support team by clicking here.

    2. Please include the Unique Transaction ID number sent to you by PayPal email when you sent your PayPal funds back to your Getdone account.

    We will trace your transaction and credit it back to your account. We can't return the PayPal transaction fee because that fee covers processing expenses.