Sample Profiles And Best Practices

  • Written by Getdone
  • Updated on Jan 24, 2019
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    For that reason, the tight approval account process on Getdone was born.

    Getdone often denied the accounts have sketchy, insufficient information, because, in the tough competition on the market, freelancers create a profile is not enough, you need to have the killer profile to attract clients.


    1. Photo

    Upload a personal photo with high quality. Make sure that the photo defines your face clearly with high resolution.

    Upload your clear photo.

    You can also click on the button “Import from LinkedIn” to transfer images from LinkedIn to Getdone profile.

    Click on the button “Import from LinkedIn” to transfer images from LinkedIn to Getdone profile.


    2. Title

    When viewing a freelancer profile, the first thing clients see is the title. This is an important part but is often written sketchy because it seems pretty simple. However, it affects the customer’s interest in deciding whether or not to continue to see your profile.

    Employers recommend that your title should:

    - Simple and concise: Choose the keywords that show your work and goals in the most direct way.

    - Be specific: Your title should be less than 10 words, but it must be suitable for your job and goals. You can highlight the title with terms like “expert” or some extra supporting categories.

    Job title example

    Job title example


    3. Summary

    The summary will provide short information about the qualifications and achievements that candidates achieved, in a flash. In the first of one to four sentences, you should highlight your most relevant core strengths, skills, and capabilities that are unique to you as a candidate. If you write a good summary, you will be the company’s talent.

    A good summary includes:

    - Your core strengths and core skills are most relevant to the job you want to perform.

    - Past relevant experience with key skills.

    - Remarkable achievements in the past and your future goals.

    Summary example

    Summary example


    4. Education

    Tell your customers about your education background. List the name of the school you studied and your major in chronological order with a recent degree at the top. Information about education is important, even if it may not be relevant to what you are doing.
    If you do not have formal education, it does not matter, you can add self-taught education.

    Education background example


    5. Experience

    While images, titles, and summaries are the first parts that employers notice and decide whether or not to read your profile, the work experience is the deciding part. Here are some tips to help you improve how your work experience looks.

    When clients screen freelance candidates, they want to know:

    - What are your main skills which you apply for each project?

    - How you apply your skills to that project (examples)?

    - The achievements you have made in working with that role.

    Work experience example

    Concentrate your main tasks and skills on the project or company. The tip is to add examples and the value of the project rather than just listing skills.

    On the other hand, if you have updated your experience on LinkedIn, you can select the “Import from LinkedIn” button to transfer the data to your profile on Getdone.

    Select the “Import from LinkedIn” button to transfer the data to your profile on Getdone.


    6. Portfolio

    This part is more important than other categories. It will include information about previous projects you have made which will help employers have evaluated the quality of your work capacity exactly.

    Write the best description of what you did on this project. Consider the three elements below:

    Describe your client’s goal.

    Describe the details about your work to accomplish your client’s goal.

    The results of the project.

    Portfolio example


    7. Skills

    Choose the skills which you have and put the main skills in the first. Make sure your skills match your title, summary and job history.


    8. Recommendation

    We understand that a new freelancer who has no previous evaluations will meet problems when finding new projects. For this reason, we provide the recommendation function. In this part, you will invite your previous partner or your previous boss to give a recommendation.

    Enter the name of the person you want to ask a recommendation.

    Choose the relationship to get information from the work experience part.

    Choose the project to get information from the portfolio part.

    Update the full and specific on personal information, skills and work experience are very simple steps but have the power can help you achieve success easier and create a brighter future.


    Sample: The quality freelancer profile: