Propose Milestones

  • Written by Getdone
  • Updated on Dec 05, 2018
  • Getdone allows you to propose milestones (a system for the recommended mode of paying freelancers on the site. It offers protection to both employers and freelancers by giving equal control over created payments for awarded projects).

    You can set up these milestones as part of the initial proposal or during the interview phase (before the creation of a contract). Use this option to set more specific or complex terms than a single bid can express.

    The freelancer can change or add a milestone. However, it just comes into effect when the client agrees and vice versa.

    - Creating Milestone Payments automatically charges the employer's account or verified payment method. We will hold the funds in Escrow until the employer chooses to release them to their freelancer.

    - Releasing Milestone Payments transfers the funds in Escrow to the freelancer’s account. In case the freelancer finished the work on milestone but the client does not pay for them after 7 days the system will release money to the freelancer from client's fund automatically.

    Using the Milestone Payment System also makes our Dispute Resolution Service available to you, which allows contesting the return or release of in-progress Milestone Payments.