Application to Join Getdone Declined

  • Written by Getdone
  • Updated on Jan 24, 2019
  • An application is required to join Getdone. Once submitted, we typically take 72 hours to review your profile. We will notify you if your application is approved or declined. If we find that your profile is the lack of necessary information on skills and experience, your application to join Getdone won't be accepted. We will invite you to update your profile and reapply.


    Can my application to join be reconsidered?

    You can update and resubmit your profile with full of necessary information. Doing so will help our AI technology identify your workability to support to suggest the suitable project as you wish.

    Once you've updated your experience and skills, you can resubmit your profile for a fresh review by going to Profile Setting > My Profile and Update your information (If you change your information in the profile, it will take you about 72 to review and approve your new update).


    I have a client already on the site who wants to hire me. What can I do?

    You need to be a freelancer on Getdone. After that, clients can directly hire you through the "Invite Freelancer" feature. You will receive the project and can start working.