Freelancer Violations and Account Holds

  • Written by Getdone
  • Updated on Mar 05, 2019
  • Knowing and following your obligations when using Getdone is essential. If you find suspicious behavior, please let us know.


    The most common violations (and how to avoid them).

    Identity Uncertainty and Account Sharing:

    Provide your own accurate and verifiable information and use a clear photo of yourself. Don't allow anyone else to use your account. Respond quickly to all requests to phone verify or ID verify. 


    Receiving Payments off Getdone:

    Always receive payment through Getdone. If your freelancer proposes to get paid outside of Getdone, decline and let us know.

    Whether you’re a freelancer or a client, you can be assured that payments made through Getdone are safe, timely, and hassle-free. That’s because Getdone requires all payments to go through our platform and offers Getdone Payment Protection for both hourly and fixed-price contracts.


    Failing to Perform on Your Contracts:

    You have received a notice that your Getdone account may be closed because we have become aware of a possible violation of our Terms of Service (TOS). We enforce our TOS in order to provide a safe and trusted online workplace where freelancers and their clients can hire, invoice, pay and receive contracted work with confidence.

    For this reason, make sure you provide the detail project descriptions and complete all payment procedures according to Getdone's instructions exactly.


    Contact Information Sharing:

    Keep contact with promising freelancer inside Getdone. Your profile can't include your email, Skype contact information, or links to any sites that include a way to contact you outside of Getdone. This includes a link to your personal website or a third-party profile or certification (like LinkedIn).


    Spam and Harassment:

    Treat everyone with respect and professional courtesy in all communications. Tailor your applications to the needs of each project and freelancer. Don't excessively message anyone.