Escrow for Projects

  • Written by Getdone
  • Updated on Jan 28, 2019
  • Escrow is a measure of protection to hold your deposit until the work is approved.

    The funds stay there until your freelancer completes their duties and you're satisfied with those submitted works, then release the amount of committed money.

    On Getdone, you deposit the funds for fixed-price jobs into escrow (one contract, or milestone). Your initial deposit at hiring can be for the full contract amount or the first milestone.

    You can then add and fund additional milestones as agreed with the freelancer throughout the contract. If you ever release less than the agreed milestone amount, the extra funds in escrow will roll forward to the next milestone. 

    Therefore, the freelancer will be peace of mind working due to your ability to pay as promised, while you don’t have to give them the money until you're satisfied with the work.

    If you fail to respond to a submission within 7 days, the escrowed funds are automatically released to your freelancer as your failure to respond is deemed approved. Therefore, it is important to mark Request Changes to the contract in Getdone if you would like your freelancer to edit their submitted work.